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Kat Alyst - A traveling photographer

Kat Alyst is a traveling photographer whose work focuses on fashion-focused art portraiture with a realm of surrealism by color and/or symbol usage. Alyst examines stillness and solitude in most portrait work, with a rhapsodized world of color use washed over stoicism.

Influenced by the escape into fine art books and nostalgic movies from her past, kitsch artist's from her studies, aesthetic of the mysteries of underground scenes and genres, Alyst uses storylines from her personal memories and world to incorporate hidden visual narratives.

Alyst blends the kindness of strangers and popular faces she has met from around the world to contrast into her subconscious stories to reveal hidden messages seemingly 'joyful' or 'bright' candy-coated hues over the feeling of displacement.

Kat Alyst received her BFA in Digital Media & Photography.

She has contributed to many publications which some are but not limited to: Institute Magazine, Beautiful Decay Magazine, ART+DESIGN MAGAZINE, Dark Beauty Magazine, Italian Vogue, GMARO Magazine, and many more.

Instagram @katinthecloudz

Model - Vivien James


Tell us something about you. Maybe your life, profession, habit, dream.

I am from very rural areas of Texas, never living in one place for long after the age of 13. When I found an escape through creating my own world in photos (I was sooo bored in these small towns) I felt like I had something. It was then that I realized I had to figure out how to tailor it into a career. My dreams are ever changing, and I have been extremely fortunate to already have lived a lot of them… I’m just grateful to be at this point now… you know, with you guys at this moment and all… chatting with you at Moevir.

Model - Kate Leatherwood


What makes you choose this profession?

Whether it’s a model and me photographing t-shirts in a studio, or a large-scale production with a huge crew— the jobs I get, and the people I meet constantly inspire me. It’s a motivating environment and excuse my language but it’s a f*cking exciting time to be a part of it.

Model - Vivien James


Is art, fashion important in your life? Why?

Though I’m usually wearing my ‘photographer trap’ of all black garments (my personal favorite), I may not be dressing how I may aspire to in a fashionable sense, but art and fashion is like music— another language entirely unto itself. We all need it around.

Model - Cici Maasen

Styling - Kat Dujka

Hair/Makeup - Kate Leatherwood with Last Satellite


If you have a superpower or talent, which one do you wish to have? Why?

I feel like I’m about to say the most popular answer, but hear me out— ok so it’s flying. Flying, 100%. I have two parrots, I wouldn’t need a drone, I wouldn’t need to plan a flight to anywhere, could dodge traffic, yanno the whole deal. (laughs) Ok so, maybe like fast flying, but the wind factors or weather doesn’t irritate my face either.

Model & Makeup - David Sternberg


Do you have any problem on the way of your profession? How did you solve it?

I think the start of it was just being able to afford gear and affording anything at all. I just went for it though, saved up for a very used camera that wasn’t too hard to budget for, and then just grew the supply list from there. And yeah, just working a lot. Like… a lot. What is sleep? (laughs)

Model - Kat Dujka


Who are the people impact most in your profession? What do you learn from them?

One of my past mentors. Hands on experience taught me more than the books could prep me for. There is something unspoken on what you learn from people who have been in the industry for over 30 years, aside from your self-taught lessons and classes. My forever inspirations teach me a lot though from interviews that I read and watch of them. Hi, David LaChapelle.

Models & Styling - Felix Lenz, Sloane Lenz


Will you still create new works when you are old?

I hope so. I hope I never lose the feeling I get when I am a part of anything creative— I hope if I can no longer move in the same way that I still find a way to create. I hope my friends are there with me too- Netherina, Edgar, Francine, Evan, Nea—I am talking to you.

Model - Tate Gibson

Creative Direction - Jesikah Morgana

Makeup - Evan Bright

Styling - Kristen Silveira


Production Coordinators - Joanna Morgan Jackie Reina

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