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The Victor Closet

Moevir Magazine July Issue 2020

[The Victor Closet]

Clothing brand: The Victor Closet @thevictorcloset

Photographer: Rhon Mercado @theronaldophotography

Photographer: Edward Xue @edwardouble

Photographer: Estephan Bechara @tinobechara

Styled by: Martin Al Masri @martinalmasri

Project executed by/Event Planner: Infinity DM @infinity_debut_management

Wearing: The Victor Closet Couture “The Dragon”

Model: Jay Hazem @jhazemm

Model: Mustafaa @mustafaghrawi

Model: Steve Anozie @styledbysteve

Model: Zack @zack.koenig

Model: Alexander Norena @alexnorena

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