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Of Leather and Lace

Moevir Magazine October Issue 2020

[Of Leather and Lace]

Photographer: Aleksandar Antonijevic @asquaredphoto

Creative Director: Aleksandar Antonijevic @asquaredphoto

Fashion Designer: Jeremy Feist @jeremyfeist

Fashion Designer: Rhowan James @rhowanjames

Makeup Artist: Viktor Peters @viktorpeters

Model: Zach Cardwell @zacharycardwell

Model: Rembo Amanda @Want Management @rembo_amanda

Model: Shar Tutu  @B&M Modelling Agency @shar.tutu

Model: Dini Winger @Want Management @diniwinger

Model: Brett Belanger @Next Models @bretttyboop

Model: Joey Shadowsky @Want Management @xshade13x

Model: Tom Leprohon @tomtomleprohon

Accessory Designer: Marie Copps @mariecopps

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