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Moevir Magazine May Issue 2021


Photographer Nina Zimolong @nina_zimolong

Videographer Sean Young @youngrobertsean

Hat Designer The Real Crystal Birch @therealcrystalbirch

Assistant/Actor George Dyason @georgedyason

Wardrobe Stylist/Assistant/Photo Editor Dorcas Mutombo @dorcasmutombo_

Fashion Designer Emelia D @emelia_dorcas

Male Model David Bowoto  @Fanjam management @darkprince_david

Female Model Chuma Matsaluka @20 Model Management @chuma_matsaluka

Makeup Artist Michelle Evert @thisis_michelleevert

Jewelry Designer Lorne Jewellery @for_lorne

Male Model Avuyile Mantshingilane @iam_avuyile

Male Model Olivier Ntumba @20 Model Management @olivier_ntumba

Male Model Vumile Nzala @vumile_nzala

Producer/Male Model Chace Geyer @the_chace

Male Model Mphendulo Sibiya  @D&A Model Management @luce_oc

Wardrobe Credits: 

Clothing by: Emelia D

Hat by: The Real Crystal Birch

Jewellery by: Lorne Jewellery

La Sape is a Congolese Dandyism movement, and according to my thesis research on La Sape, there is a fear of the movement dying amongst Sapeurs as most of them have passed on or are reaching their old age. Sapeurs need the younger generation to join in on the movement to keep it alive. Which therefore makes integration the predicted future of the movement as everyone is invited to be part of it, black or white, Congolese or not, young, and old.

As a designer and a Congolese woman, I want to help by making sure that the joy and love this movement brings remains alive in the lives of many! From a fashion perspective, my target market is the youth of the world and any person who wants to be fashionably bold, one who loves colour and the joy bright colours can bring to another.

I have created this range with the youth and the goal of integration in mind to attract our generation and solve this problem. I chose to make the range as colourful as possible, as the movement is all about colours, and I live for the joy colours and beautiful clothes can bring to another!

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