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The rise of the Phoenix in the Colombo City

Moevir Magazine February Issue 2022

[The rise of the Phoenix in the Colombo City]

Photographer: Sujan Jayasinghe @sujan_images

Model: Dinzy Peiris @fashionistabydmark

Wardrobe Stylist: Dinzy Peiris @fashionistabydmark

Photography Locations- Colombo, Sri Lanka (SL)

The Rise of the Phoenix in the Colombo City

The bird "Phoenix"- the gentlest and the most wonderful of its kind with its mesmerizing beauty and radiant colors is extremely popular in ancient mythology. Legend explains that when the time comes this magnificent bird consumes itself in its own flame and rise and reborn anew from its own ashes. This fashion story is an embodiment to celebrate the beauty and grace of the mythical bird "Phoenix" where the model Dinzy Peiris portray herself as the “Phoenix” where her fashion story has been captured in Colombo- the capital city of Sri Lanka. The model’s personal bio also resonate with the bird “Phoenix” and this has been augmented with different photography looks with matching outfits and customized Phoenix jewelries.

Being born as the youngest child to an ordinary middle class family in Sri Lanka, Dinzy Peiris calls herself as an outlier from other family members. To be someone unique and someone different is something that she always wanted since she was a small kid. To do something different and to differentiate herself from others- that was her motto ever since.

Living by her motto she acquired many feats at a young age, by becoming a multi-disciplinary professional qualified in Law, Management Accounting, Business Management, and Business Analytics. Further she had a successful progression in her career holding senior managerial positions in diverse functions across different industries. However she achieved all these milestones whilst overcoming many challenges and obstacles both at professional as well as in personal fronts.

Apart from being a serious corporate professional Dinzy is extremely passionate about trying out new fashion trends in becoming an Everyday Fashionista.

However her love for fashion in fact started with having no fashion sense at all. “I didn't even know how to pose in front of a camera and had a very bad smile. However with time I gradually discovered my own style of fashion. Having a petite body I tried as many different outfits as possible over the years, making mistakes and correcting myself every step of the way”. When she was a kid she used to be a Tom Boy always wearing T shirts and pants with short hair. Even when she started schooling it was the same. Whilst most of her friends had long hair neatly braided she used cut her hair like “Nick Carter” in the popular boy band Back Street Boys or “Jack Dawson” in the movie Titanic. Somedays she wanted to dress like a girl, but she had no idea what would suit her. 

Hence every time she wore a dress or a skirt she was ridiculed by the people around stating it doesn't look good on her. However this didn’t stop her in discovering her own style in fashion. She always made sure to get dressed differently or to wear different accessories. In this journey she was frequently being laughed at for not getting dressed appropriately, was criticized over her weirdness or sometimes boldness. However finally she was able discover the best outfits which suited her the most. And today she has her own unique way of getting dressed, stylizing herself with vibrant colors, customized accessories, carefully selected shoes and boots with very little make up and keeping her natural hair as it is.

“My story encourages women of any skin color, hair or body type, with varying heights to appreciate them for who they are. My story is a symbol of how one can achieve greater heights by discovering their inner potential and creating a mark of their own- without falling to the trap of following the trend”. This fashion story exhibits outfits from reputed international brands as well as local brands coupled with unbranded items purchased from local vendors. It has jewelries purchased off the shelves as well as handmade jewelries, customized and carefully crafted to suit the model’s requirement. This fashion story has items sourced from Sri Lanka and also from other countries. 

Further most of the outfits worn by the model depicts different cultures or leading fashion trends in different eras. For example in one of the images she has accessorized herself with the famous French Barrette which is considered as more than a hat and as a “state of mind” and on another she is wearing the iconic and timeless Leather Biker Jacket which is in fashion for more than a century.

Fashion is not always about sticking to a routine or following conventional norms. It is about experimenting, re-inventing, being bold and fearless in creating a unique fusion across outfits, accessories, brands, or even cultures and countries and finally crafting your own unique story. Sometimes you might fail in the process, or will not achieve the desired outcome, however like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, you can return from your failures, clothed in nothing but your strength and confidence, more beautiful than ever before!

About the Photographer:

Sujan entered the world of professional photography in 2014 and since then, he has been revolving in the industry as a renowned photographer, capturing everlasting memories and assisting his clients to preserve their precious stories. Sujan currently focuses on three main perspectives in photography and relatively, owns three different ventures. 'Sujan Images', the first out of all, focuses much upon capturing shots for personal and corporate events, assuring such events are deemed colorful. 

Secondly, 'The Love Story' entirely focuses on wedding photography, assuring perfect everlasting memories for the newly wedded. And quite lately, Sujan opened up 'Lumiere Studios' which focuses on Portrait photoshoots. It's not all that he does, despite all these professional work in photography, he also works as a Project Manager at a leading IT firm in Sri Lanka.

Sujan’s unwavering passion for photography coupled with his innate ability to seize unique captures has created this fashion story a master piece of its own.

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