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Moevir Magazine February Issue 2021


Female Model: Alexandra Bajic @alezzandraofficial

Flowers: Marsanoblumen @marsanoberlin

Makeup Artist: Stefan Scholz @stefan_scholz_hair

Fashion stylist/Creative Director/Stylist: Yara Pohlmann @yarapohlmannstyling

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Christine Be @christinebe.artist

Poet: Alexandra Bajic @sasasthoughts

Set Designer: Alina Karre @al0phie

Photographer/Retoucher: Kristina Nabieva

Wig/Ponytail/wig: The Options Club @theoptionsclub

wig: Andrew Forrest @andrewforresthair

Hair Stylist: Andrew Forrest @andrewforresthair

Female Model: Toni Dreher @One Eins fab @oluwatonilobaa

Female Model: Alina Karre @alina_karre

MODERN QUEEN / PRINCE embraces the power of woman and humanity in every color and body. 

The Modern Queen / Prince is a composition of images that shows and captures that every woman can be powerful in her career, passion, body and stands for her opinion and attitude. She can look like a piece of art even when she looks like a man (prince) and be powerful, too.

The singer & poet Alexandra Bajic wrote some nice poems for this editorial and they fit perfectly to our idea. 

Behind it, complementing the full story about the MODERN QUEEN / PRINCE.

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