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Desert Oasis

MOEVIR Magazine March Issue 2024

[ Desert Oasis ]

Wardrobe Stylist: Rebecca Guthrie @rebeccaguthriestyling

Photographer: Baolong Song @baolong_song

Hair Stylist: Jay Hendo @thejayhendo

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Natalie Bohlin @nataliebohlin_makeupandhair

Makeup Artist: Diksha Malhotra @the_face_couture

Videographer: Aaron Landucci @aaronlanducci

Model: Elvira Paudel @paudelelvira | Usha Dean @capturedbyusha

 As A sustainable stylist and advocate I wanted to show how much is possible using sustainable options. My industry (fashion) has such an opportunity to change how the world views fashion.  Not every shoot or look needs to be thrifted, mixing options is absolutely fine, and non-sustainable looks have their place, but we have such an incredible opportunity to truly make a mark on changing the world for the better.   

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