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Breaking all rules

Fashion Designer: Chulo Underwear  @chulounderwear
Male Model: Jaymes Walsh  @puredeepwalsh
Male Model: Al Ry  @gymlifechallenge
Fashion Designer: Bill And Brandon  @billandbrandon
Male Model: Rob Red  @covermodelchallenge
Male Model: Oliver Spedding  @oliverspedding
Female Model: Tia Loren  @tia_lorenxo
Male Model: Jack Harris  @jakmodel.j
Male Model: Michael Cropper  @male_model_london
Photographer: Markus Brehm  @mbmodelphotography

A collection of images describing various moments where rules are being broken and barricades being breached (a man doing ironing naked, the original sin (Adam & Eve), a gladiator ready for battle, underwear and anchor , a sensual romance...

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