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(She’s) Off Limits

Nicholas Lapite is an international photographer and director specialising in fashion, beauty and portraiture. He is a natural story teller and this comes through in his work. He strongly believes in delivering visuals that support well thought out narratives.


Having a background in branding and visual communications, Nicholas is able to support his clients through all stages of their creative process. A purist at heart, many of his stills commissions are shot on 35mm and medium format film, and he also works with s35mm cine film.


His recent clients include L’Atelier Coty, Octavio Pizzaro, Wella Global, Procrastinate Magazine, Wei Sheng Paris, Barbara Alan, VOLT Magazine, Moss Bros, Amazon Fashion, and an exhibition for the European Investment Bank.


His personal interest in sports, music and travel complement his commercial projects.

Instagram @nlapite

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