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Moevir Magazine March Issue 2021


Photographer: Laurids Jensen @lauridsjensen

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Philipp Keusen @philippkeusen

Styling: Andrea Selva @a_e_s_

Male Model: William D.c. @Scout-Model @williamdecourcy

Flower Arranger: Mirjam Jermann

Producer: Jensen + Heitz @jensenheitz

Model: Luna S. @Scout Model Agency @cosmalunasinclair

Videographer: Nicolas Heitz

Art Director: Stephanie Heitz

Set Designer: Flurina Coray


Ever since, artists of all sorts have been trying to grasp the cycle of life. Especially In still life paintings artists have explored the relationship between flowers and human feelings. Many still life paintings of flowers, are a metaphor of the transience of everything existing on earth. Flowers are filigree, vulnerable, strong and beautiful. They grow and in the end they wither, as everything does.

Flowers are deeply connected to us. We use them as gifts, we use them to express love but also for saying goodbye. We are captivated by their beauty, their symbolic gestures.

In this editorial we are exploring the relationship between flowers and humans. The feelings they depict and the feelings we conceive.

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