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Willow Rose


Willow Rose is the founder and creative director of Willow Rose Cosmetics, a Palm Beach-based Luxury Clean Beauty brand specializing in bespoke colorology cosmetic products. Willow Rose comes from the psychology, aromatherapy, and biofeedback fields and has built multiple companies, including clean beauty chemical and cosmetics brands in the EU and USA.

She grew up surrounded by the beauty of nature and organic natural products in a small art town and has carried this with her throughout her life, allowing it to inspire her passion and vision for the world.


Moevir Magazine January Issue 2022 featured edition

[Obsession Collection]

Model: Willow Rose @willowrosecosmetics

Photographer: Olly Vento @olllyvento

Makeup Artist: Mymakeupmiami @mymakeupmiami

Creative Director: Willow Rose @willowrosesbeauty

Accessory Designer: Willow Rose Cosmetics @willowrosecosmetics


Tell us something about you. Maybe your life, profession, habit, dream.

Willow Rose was born in California, surrounded by nature, art, and creativity. From a young age, she developed a passion for helping others. Later in life, through her own health struggles, she fell ill with a heart issue and had no solution with the current western medicine. At this point, she reconnected once again with her passion for natural solutions. She began studying and practicing biofeedback and aromatherapy. She began to envision products that connect the vast combination of life and career experiences.

Willow Rose initiated, and successfully launched the development of multiple product lines, all that support and uplift women through colorology and natural ingredients. Cosmetics is the latest development in her life-long vision to support women. Willow Rose’s long-term dream and vision are to create a series of integrative and holistic clinics to support individuals globally. Willow Rose Cosmetics aims to support women with a variety of upcoming projects which align with her global vision to benefit and empower women.

What makes you choose this profession?

Willow Rose traveled and lived across diverse countries over the last 12 years, from the USA, China, Paris, Italy, Switzerland, and beyond. She began to develop a vision of beauty through her journey that cherishes the woman within. Beauty, not only as a product but which celebrates and highlights the inner character, strength, and heart of each woman wearing it.

She chose this profession because she found huge satisfaction in supporting women to move past their own blockages. Seeing the revelation, change, and development of women globally and the large impact that she was already making through her work in biofeedback and aromatherapy, she decided to take this one step further and bring the power of psychology the world of beauty.

Could you share how you expand your vision of art, fashion?

She is inspired by everyday moments, her vast travels, and the strength and beauty of women she has met and known across the globe. As she was working as a biofeedback and aromatherapist, she had the pleasure to understand the needs of her patients, and how small self-care rituals in their day could change their entire mood and outlook. She worked with amazing brands across Europe to consult as an aromatherapist in organic cosmetic development, and perfume creation.

Her vision of beauty comes from combining both of these worlds into the ultimate self-care luxury experience. Lipstick has the power to transform your mood and confidence, and that is what Willow Rose does through combining the power of psychology, colorology and luxury clean beauty products. Willow Rose sees beauty, not only as a product but as a celebration which highlights the inner character, strength, and heart of each woman wearing it.

In your daily routine, what resources do you like to learn new things about art, fashion?

Statistics highlight that 70% of long-term learning comes from practical experience. Willow Rose’s daily life involves a lot of travel and partnership development, where she has the opportunity to collaborate with the best in the businesses, from couture fashion in Milan and Switzerland to jewelry design in Istanbul and amazing photographers in Miami.

She has the pleasure to expand and let herself be inspired by the interactions, observations, and exposure of working with such amazing talents across diverse cultures. The new connections in her daily work provide her with the perfect opportunity to expand upon, discover, collaborate with, and experience the most unique of what this amazing world of fashion and beauty have to offer.

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