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Tetiana Popyk

Less is more  /  Never say never  /  No past, no future. Just you and your dreams.

Tetiana Popyk is a photographer based in Luxembourg.

Every story has its beginning. Tetiana was born in Ukraine. She was a journalist when decided to become a photographer. And have a lot of interviews with famous people, prepared new materials and took photos of them for newspapers and magazines. It was extremely interesting and cool.

More than 3 years Tetiana worked as a photographer in night clubs. Few years after I’ve had experience abroad — Turkey and Europe.

Now she is  working in 2 countries — Luxembourg and France, collaborating with well-known brands and starting teaching other photographers in online marathons and courses.

She is specializes in the genres of fashion, beauty and fetish. Her work is well known for its sensuality, the estetic, elegance and the special emotional expressions.

“In order to learn something new, you need to share what you already know” —  sincerely believe in it.


Moevir Magazine December Issue 2020 featured edition


Photographer: Tetiana Popyk @tanita_photo

Model: Solomiya Hurla @solomiya_hurla



Tell us something about you. Maybe your life, profession, habit, dream.

I was lucky that doors opened at the right time for me. My photography is my life. The one thing i always stuck to was giving myself time every week to be creative and shoot what i love. This kept my passion. The challenge is to keep inspired, keep the passion and keep creating. Because my work and hobby are the same. And I have a dream - as soon as possible to do my personal exhibition in Luxembourg. I absolutely love to travel and read books. In Ukraine I  have a big library.

What makes you choose this profession?

Commercially long stories are short.  I was taking photos in newspapers like a journalist. This went on for about 4-5 years until I did my own job. I risked everything by making the change from lifestyle photography to fashion photography. It was an important time where I developed an ability to photography PEOPLE that came my way.

Could you share how you expand your vision of art, fashion?

Your style self develops if you shoot what you love, and not listen to anybody else (crop is here, focus on this, rules of third etc) if you keep shooting what you love and look at it front a viewer's eye not a photographer’s eye, that should give you a style. Your own personal style will evolve. If you are continually looking at photography in the genre you love, portrait photography, fashion photography, any form of photography and start collecting all the images and looks that you love. Put them into a file. When  you look at them as a whole you will start to notice a style. This style should be what you are shooting.

In your daily routine, what resources do you like to learn new things about art, fashion?

I truly believed that self-teaching is the best way to learn. It’s hard to be any type of artist because a true artist, no different to music or painting, that the more true you can be with yourself, the more people will relate to you and take photos for me at the end of the day. Time is my only hold-back, but I believe the more somebody evolved the better their work, their camera becomes an extension of their arm and their brain. Which means the longer we do something, the better we become!

Is art, fashion important in your life? Why?

Photography is Art, you can’t tell you what to see and how to see it, you need. Your own eyes for that. Building a team is something that I do for every shoot. Availability often dictates who takes part in each of my creative shoots, but all of the make-up artists, hair stylists, and designers I have worked with over the years share commitment to create something unique and exceptional, something wonderful they can be proud to be a part of.

If you have a superpower or talent, which one do you wish to have? Why?

I would like to have teleportation as a superpower.  Because I found it to be a very interesting way to travel. I think it’s not like a magic thing that’s a big deal that I wish more people could have used.

Who do people impact most in your profession? What do you learn from them?

First it was the love for photography, enjoying the hard work and achieving the ambition and goals. Even if the goal is like utopia, it still provides a direction.

What do you think about your work? Is it what you like, or simply saying a dream?

My work is my life. I have no  second plan - it’s always been photography. I like growth, have new experience and prove myself. Especially wanna talk about Black and White photography. To me Black and White style is an innocence and very simple to get, very straightforward. there is no other  noise or any other information. So when you look at the b/w pictures, you won’t be distracted by colors. So you pay attention to the shape, to the details and lines.

What is your favorite camera? Why?

I use and have always Nikon cameras. I tried the difference lens, but finally I need the three I usually use… I make portraits, thus I do not have great necessities. I prefer using Nikon 70-200 mm, 85 mm and 24-70 mm.

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