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Model, Beauty, Style.

Tai Quxin is a young fashion model and blogger originated from China. He speaks well English and loves modeling. Since 2016, he started his college life in Switzerland, it was the total three-year journey, that is impressive and educational. 

With the motivation and curiosity, he was traveling through Europe, meeting international faces, experiencing the diversity and abundance of the world. Fashion is always a seed buried in his mind, with the obsession of beauty and perfection, he decided to initiate his journey forward to Italy in 2019, the first stop was Toscana, where all the romance and sun come from. 

He studied Italian history and arts in one of the most original area of the country. Italy boost the creation and imagination of a young life. In 2020, along with all the excitement and expectations, he arrived to Milan and started his modelling career in the fashion field. 


Moevir Magazine October Issue 2020 featured edition

[Tai ]

photographer - Alex Dani  @alexdanifotografo

model - Tai Quxin @quxintai

style - Isabella o3 @kelly_o3o

makeup - Alena Bezrodna @bezal_makeup


What makes you choose this profession?

I love to be surrounded by beauty and fashion, it gives me liveness and motivation, secondly, working with the fashion team is full of challenges and excitement, I like the diversity in this profession. Thirdly, it is a job that can express yourself in a way of art, which means you are part of the art. 

In your daily life, what is your resources do you like to learn fashion, art. ?

Instagram is a great resource that is popular nowadays. Moreover, I always visit the art show on time. The most important will be reading magazines, they give you always inspirations and creativity. 

If art and fashion is important in your life , why. ?

It is extremely important in my life. First of all , art brings me excellent opportunity to understand the world and life, help to find who we are. 

It is the connection between the unknown world and reality. Regarding to fashion, it’s not only about the outfit, it shows your personality and your mind, therefore, it is the initial image to attract peoples attention and tell them about you, there is no doubt that fashion has the profound influence in my life. 

If you have a superpower, which one do you wish to have and why?

I wish I can fly, isn’t the coolest talent to own? Then I can see and travel the world by myself and I can witness all the great scenes of our Mother Earth by eyes. 

With the talent, there is no need to take any transport, which is so environment-friendly. Also, it must be cool to pose when flying. 

To become famous, what qualities you need to have?

First of all, be professional and dedicated with the work. 

Secondly, be humble and generous with the people you work with. 

Thirdly, be confident and never stop to improve yourself. 

Fourthly, get ready for the opportunity all the time. 

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