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Unstoppable (Focus)  /  Loving  /  Hard worker

Erika Leone’s career in modeling began at the age of 18 when she was discovered in her native Lithuania. Erika’s unique look makes her a force in the industry. Erika is an accomplished dancer in many styles and a practice she has been devoted to since the age of 6. Her passion for sports, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle has always been the centerpiece of her personal development.

Erika’s first professional shoots took her to European cities such as Paris, Milan, London, and others… She lived in London and Milano as well. During her modeling career, traveling across Europe, she earned a Hons bachelor’s degree in international Tourism Management. After her graduation, her modeling career skyrocketed, as she signed with agencies in Europe and Miami.

Erika can leave a firm imprint on the customer’s mind, which has made her a hugely lucrative model with an unforgettable look that her clients will pay for anything to have.

Erika’s career has taken her all over the world for photoshoots and various brand campaigns. Erika also took places in many beauty contests.


Moevir Magazine December Issue 2022 featured edition

[Sun-kissed  ]

Model: Erika Leone

Photographer: Photographer Megane Claire @meganeclaire


Tell us something about you. Maybe your life, profession, habit, dream.

I left home after high school and since that, I was living in different cities in Europe.

Lithuania was always too small for me. I want to see more and do more. Living abroad by myself was very challenging but I learn how to be independent and to be alone without family and my twin sister.

She was for me the number one person I could count on, and she still is even though we are thousands of miles away. Modeling in Europe was an amazing experience and I met so many amazing people, but I never wanted to be just a model. I did my best and I graduated from University in the UK, I did also my fitness courses, dancing.

But one day I decided to go to the USA just for fun holidays. I fall in love with Miami and the amazing weather. I thought I could live here. And luckily, I was a great look for Miami, and I was signed here with a few amazing model agencies. I did some great work here and a lot of beautiful photoshoots, campaigns, etc.

Now I have a great husband and 2 small, beautiful daughters and can’t be more than happy. They are my purpose in life and I want them to grow into great people.

How do you prepare for your new shoot?

First, sleep. I’m busy nowadays as I have 2 small babies but if I have an important shoot I m making sure I get some adequate rest that night.

Secondly, I always want my hair and skin to be on point. Exfoliating my skin and moisturizing well is a key to looking great. Hair for me is also very important, luckily, I have lots of hair and for me, it was always a big advantage, but hair also should be prepared. I use my favorite hair mask and I’m making it look fresh and shiny.

Moreover a few days before my photoshoot I cut on carbs and eat less sugary things. I’m a coffee lover, I try to reduce my caffeine intake since I tend to retain water in my body.

What are the most difficulties during your shoots?

You never know what kind of people will be during your photoshoots. Sometimes, the Photographers and models I’m working with are very easy and just amazing people but sometimes can be difficult to match their personalities. Another thing is when I’m working, I try to do my best and give all of myself to the work I do. But sometimes it can be super-hot outside or super cold, but I am professional and never complain.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Iconic Coco Chanel. Her pieces are just timeless, and she did the biggest revolution in the fashion industry. Even her No.5 fragrance is still the number one scent in the world. How crazy is that!

How do you approach building relationships with a new creative team and colleagues?

With honesty and listening to other people.

Nowadays everyone wants to talk and only a few people can listen to you and understand. I think also it’s very important to build trustful relationships with your work colleagues as a model. These relationships help you to work together better towards common projects. in my working relationships, I try to be a good listener and understand better what people want and expect.

What is your greatest strength as a professional?

Diversity. I am great at posing and giving expressions as per the requirement of the shoots. This is due to my long dancing experience as well. Besides this, I always try to improve my presentation skills in the industry so that my presence is enjoyed at the shoots.

To become famous, what kind of qualities do you think the person should have?

You need to be Driven and be goal orientated. You need to be very determined to work harder than most and make sure things get done. Also, I believe most of them had a goal even before they were famous. Their dreams motivated them and pushed them to do all the necessary actions to achieve fame.

Secondly, a very important quality - Talent, either is bad or good but you need to be different from others.

And last, u just need to be in the right place, right time, and lots of luck !! I

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