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Hello, Victoria Churlina welcomes you :) All my life I've been a little weird in my world and my world is Fashion! Instead of textbooks, I brought high fashion magazines to college! I am a very sincere and kind girl and I always live and am inspired by my perception of this world!


Moevir Magazine June Issue 2024 featured edition


Photographer: Anastasiya Bokova

Makeup Artist: Ирина @irinka.muah

Wardrobe Stylist: Kira Kireeva

Female Model: Victoria Churlina @jolie_81188


Can you tell us about your journey into the fashion industry and how you became a successful model/blogger?

A childhood dream, all my life since childhood I have been an artist, charismatic. She arranged concerts in the courtyards, drew invitations and gathered the whole yard to sing or dance or play some kind of scene for them! At children's discos, I always danced in the middle of the circle. I was the queen of children's dance! I was born for the fashion world! I am fashion! And I'm writing my own style!

What inspired you to pursue a career in fashion and how do you manage to stay motivated?

I was born for this industry, fashion is a part of me) Naomi Kembel, Tyra Banks helped me keep motivated when I couldn't do something. My favorite entertainment program is the American Top Model!

As a fashion model/blogger, how do you keep up with the latest trends and maintain your unique style?

I'm my own style icon. I do it all intuitively! Even without knowing what the next collection in the fashion world will be, I buy things intuitively and it turns out that I hit the bull's eye) I have good taste! My friends and acquaintances take an example from me, I inspire them!

What was your first reaction when you found out that you would be working with a tiger in this photo shoot?

I came up with this idea myself) by offering it to my photographer and they supported me! I was overcome with terrible fear, but I overcame all my inner feelings and did what I had to do! Conquer the wild Tiger animal!

Can you describe the process and any special preparations that you had to go through to ensure safety and comfort while working with the tiger?

My photographer Anastasia Bokova is not just a world photographer, but a photographer with a capital letter of the World! I want to express my deep gratitude to her for the whole organization. My photographer provided me with top-level security. We were monitored on all cameras at the location in order to call an ambulance in case of a Tiger attack! Thank God everything went well! But the whole team was scared! The tiger's name was Tiara.

Thanks for not snacking on us.

Were there any particularly memorable or difficult moments during the photo shoot? How did you handle them?

The tiger is very sharp by nature , I needed to be very close to him for beautiful shots, it was scary, creepy from her sudden movements, because my face was next to her mouth🤫 We had to feed her meat for the duration of the entire shoot! As long as she had meat, we were safe, but there is always an exception, as you know, because this is a wild animal, and it is completely unpredictable!

How did communicating with such a majestic animal affect your performance and presence in front of the camera?

I am a predator myself, I have many personalities! There is a totemic animal in me, this is Bagheera! I am Bagheera and it was not difficult for me to negotiate with the Tiger)!

What message or theme did you and the creative team strive to convey through this unique and daring collaboration with Tiger?

That fashion is not just a picture that you got in the end! First of all, this is the energy that we wanted to convey to you! I think we did it ;)!

Can you tell us about a particularly memorable or difficult experience that happened to you as a model/blogger, and how you overcame it?

I've given up many times because I've been rejected many times! But I did not give up and whoever does not fall does not rise!)

What role do you think diversity and inclusivity play in the fashion industry and how do you strive to promote these values in your work?

I want to become a style icon! A fearless, brave, predatory Amozonka who conquered the fashion world with her extraordinary presentation!

Can you share your thoughts on the relationship between fashion and sustainable development?

To show something new to this world, something extraordinary that has not happened yet! Don't take an example from anyone, but set the Fashion yourself!

How do you think technology is changing the fashion industry and your role as a model/blogger?

Another reality has appeared, for example Photoshop, I don't like it as a natural model, because people see not what they really see, but what neurography has created! This is a hoax. And when it comes to natural beauty, society has already spoiled the taste of perception of this reality! After all, there are no perfect people! Unlike computer programs!

How do you stay sincere and true to yourself in an industry where appearance is sometimes put above personality?

Always be yourself and should not care about other people's opinions, because there are so many opinions. Believe in yourself and never give up!

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or collaborations that you are concerned about?

I am an aspiring actress and an aspiring singer, my first track on iTunes "Trust me" will be released soon) Victoria Churlina will soon be a big name)

I am not only a model, a singer, but also a mother of 5 princesses with many children and a happy wife!

How do you approach working with brands or designers whose values may not match yours?

If it's purely about presenting their collection, I trust them completely and do as I'm told! After all, I represent their brand, their collection. If you're already there, you just have to do it with dignity! After all, it is not a thing that adorns a person, but a person is a thing! It doesn't matter what you are, it matters who you are!  I love, I kiss your Victoria the conqueror of Tigers.

Can you share any advice on maintaining a healthy work-life balance as a fashion model/blogger?

You need to find harmony between your family, home and your hobby, work! Pay equal attention to all children so that no one feels lonely! I love everyone equally and try to give everything equally to everyone! All my children are loved and happy! I am a very kind mother! It's not easy to be a mother of 5 girls, because you need to put honor, dignity, and economy into each one so that each of their husbands is happy and grateful!

Can you discuss any style icons or factors that inspired you on your own fashion journey?

Naomi Kembel is my inspiration. Irina shayk. And of course the Victoria's Secret Angels! My dream is to become a Victoria's Secret angel! By the way, we have such a photo shoot with Anastasia, my photographer!

-- Victoria Churlina

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