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I am a stylist who studied in Milan. Milan and Italy were an incredible opportunity that allowed me to propose myself with a very nice and elegant new brand for men, women but children too with fine fabrics made in Italy.


My products are comfortable and simple but at the same time they are of great class and elegance.

I debuted in Russia with an exhibition of my collection to then propose my image and my brand in Europe too: my goal is to get to the international level by producing clothing to be distributed worldwide.

What makes you choose this profession?
I think it was my grandmother, the most important person in my life. An Italian woman of good taste in fashion, who immediately gave me the passion for fabrics and colors. She is my inspiration and the only one who allowed me to understand my true goal in life.

Could you share how do you expand your vision of art, fashion?
The secret is never to be satisfied. I read a lot, I draw a lot, I always asl myself where I would like to go. And every day I think: tomorrow my art will be better than today and slightly less than tomorrow one. And in this way begins the most difficult race: the one with myself. I expand my art in this way: improving new things and not taking anything for granted, me in the first place.

To become famous, what kind of qualities do you think the person should have?
I think You have the determination to work harder than most and make sure things get done. You pride yourself on seeing things getting completed and you take charge when necessary. The fashion designer like me must combine experience in the use of products, market knowledge, fashion research and collaboration with different stylists to create functional, innovative and quality designs.

If you have a superpower or talent, which one do you wish to have? Why?
The superpower of speed. My superpower is incredible speed so I would be the superhero Lightning. I know that the nature of my business means you respond very quickly to demand of the market and needs of clients, fashion trends. I think my superpower would be useful for Stella Castello brand!

Is art, fashion important in your life? Why?
In general, fashion is important because it reflects every culture in the world. It was a way to create different social groups and be differenciated according to your status (I am not saying it’s a good thing but it is what it is). More than self-expression, fashion is a mean of self-empowerment and confidence.Fashion is a place where art, history, love, music, and emotion combine. Without fashion style would not exist. The clothes we choose displays emotions and how we would like to be perceived by the world. The clothes we choose shows how well we can use our judgement. Fashion and style reflect our thoughts and emotions. We can use it as a form of escapism.

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