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Saikhantsetseg Tserendorj

Saikhantsetseg Tserendorj is a fashion designer and fashion illustrator from Mongolia. She came to the USA after high school to study Fashion design. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with an Associate in Fashion Design and a Bachelors in Technical Design.  Saikhantsetseg describes her style as free and one of a kind. She is currently living in New York.  Her favorite mediums are pen, markers and watercolor. You can find more of her work @inkfizz on Instagram. 


Moevir Magazine March Issue 2020 featured edition

[Saikhantsetseg Tserendorj ]

Artist & Fashion illustritor: Saikhantsetseg Tserendorj  @inkfizz


Tell us something about you. Maybe your life, profession, habit, dream.

My dream is to have my fashion illustration book published. Then I want to launch my very own online fashion illustration workshop and an online class where I can help and teach about fashion designs and fashion illustrations to people around the world. Also, I want to have my clothing line in the future. 

What makes you choose this profession?

There is no other profession I wish to have. I truly love and enjoy my profession. I can just sit down and create fashion illustrations all day and all night. I know I will never get sick of it or wish to do something different. I am lucky in a way that I have found what I want to do with my life. 

Could you share how do you expand your vision of art? 

By staying openminded and curious and keep a childlike attitude. Also looking at fine arts, observing great masters works, paying attention to one’s stories, reading books, watching great movies, listening to songs and most importantly practicing and creating often. 

I believe all these activities help me to expand my vision of art on its own way. Plus, I have few creators and industry experts whom I look up to when I find myself a little stuck. Some of the industry experts aren’t even in my field but they are a tremendous dose of inspiration for me.  

Is art important in your life? Why? 

Yes, it is very important. Because art makes us feel. Art makes you feel beauty of freedom. It’s a free expression of human mind and senses. Art makes life rich, interesting and worthwhile.  We can see ourselves and what we are and flesh and soul. It’s what makes as human. 

If you have a superpower or talent, which one do you wish to have? Why? – I’d choose to have a superpower. And my choice of superpower is to heal people. Because I want people to have long, healthy and happy life and enjoy it fully with their loved ones before one’s time is up.  

Who are the people impact most in your profession? What do you learn from them?

It’s my parents. They always believe in me and support me with every decision in my life. They always tell me that they believe in me so I have to go for what I think is the best. 

They give me so much confidence and courage to go after my dreams. They showed me how you can build a beautiful life with your honest work. I learned so much from them and am still learning a lot. 

They are this beautiful people inside and out. They are so kind, loving, selfless, generous, wise, strong, funny and the hardest working people I ever know. 

What will be the suggestions to new artist?

My advice to new artist is to take action and just go for it. Get out of your head and create. You’ll discover a lot as you start doing the work and getting experiences. Try taking action on a daily basis. But don’t be too harsh on yourself. 

Give yourself plenty of room to grow and experience trial and error. You’ll get feedback from yourself and make necessary changes and turns.

What is your favorite style of illustration? 

My favorite style of illustration is  loose, effortless also a little messy sketches than perfectly done polished ones. Because I think first of all they are just cool also very interesting to look at. Some of them look almost half done but in a chic way. Also they can be little dark or mysterious which makes it more fun. 

Where your inspiration comes from?

Usually the more I create the more I’m inspired and motivated to create more. Also I draw inspiration from almost everything and everywhere. From songs, pictures, movies, tv shows, podcasts, books, weather, texture, certain shapes, food, nature and objects. 

Sometimes, I get this flash of visions like a color or a shape or an idea for a design pops in my head. So translating them and taking notes are important for me. So that I won’t forget it and use it later when I create my new designs. 

How often you create new works?

It’s different every week. Sometimes I design ten new designs a day sometimes just one a week. I would love to create new designs everyday but there are always a lot of other things that requires your time and attention. I usually block time to create new illustrations. 

Sometimes I time myself to see if I’m spending quality time on each of my designs. I usually create in the evening that’s when I feel more control of my time.  I don’t like dead silence so I have to have some background noise. I usually listen to Netflix when I create. 

Sometimes Netflix can be major source of distraction but I kind of programmed it to my advantage. For example, I try listening to tv shows which I already watched and familiar with the plot so that I won’t get distracted. My favorite go to show is Friends. 

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