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Rosie Minako

Rosie Minako (Instagram: @rosie.angelic) is an international VOGUE published runway model. She is currently based in London and has walked in the past few seasons of London fashion week, Paris fashion week, Milan fashion week, Norwegian fashion week, Swiss fashion week, Hong Kong fashion week, Tokyo fashion week and Aberdeen fashion week.

She has been the cover model of multiple magazines in Europe, Asia and America. Her love for fashion has led her to become a fashion designer and launch her eco-friendly luxury fashion brand Angelic Rose Couture (Instagram: @angelic.rose_couture) last year which was then partnered with her another sustainable fashion brand Makaglobal (Instagram: makaglobal), where she used as a platform to promote sustainable fashion and encourage more businesses in the fashion community to work towards the green agenda. 

The theme of her magazine issue is fashion and nature, where she combined her love for sustainable fashion and nature photography to further her advocacies for sustainable living and environmental conservation.


Moevir Magazine May Issue 2020 featured edition


Model: Rosie Minako @rosie.angelic 

Photographer: Emilija Launikaityte @emilijalau 

Photographer: Peter James Terrell @peterjamestyrrell 

Photography: Maha @photographybymaha 

Photographer: Maria Mirage 


Photographer: Pearlchat 

Fashion House @pearlchatfashionhouse 

Stylist: Mercy Mucha Gazaland @mercygazaland 

Makeup Artist: Rosie Minako @rosie.angelic 

Hair Stylist: Rosie Minako @rosie.angelic 

Makeup and Hair: Pyari Dua @dua814 

Model manager: Niisha Brown @lookingforus2 

Luxury Crystals: AK Vibes Crystals @akvibescrystals 

Luxury Jewellery: AK Vibes Jewellery @akvibescrystals 

Dress: Pearlchat Fashion House @pearlchatfashionhouse 

Dress: Angelic Rose Couture @angelic.rose_couture 

Jewellery: Angelic Rose Jewellery @angelic.rose_couture 

Shoes: Angelic Rose Shoes @angelic.rose_ couture 

Couture: Richa Sharma 

Tail Couture: Aquarius Mermaid @aquariusmermaidtails


Tell us something about you. Maybe your life, profession, habit, dream.

I have been very grateful to combine my passion for modelling and designing within the fashion industry. During my career as a model, I modelled for many incredible fashion designers all over the world. I have built a huge fashion network while walking in fashion shows during international fashion weeks and through magazine publications in different continents. 

Last year, I have started my couture brand Angelic Rose Couture (@angelic.rose_couture) as a fashion designer which was then partnered with my another sustainable fashion brand Makaglobal (Instagram: makaglobal), where I use as a platform to bring forward my passion for sustainable eco-friendly designs. I have also been featured as a fashion and lifestyle journalist for magazines in Asia where I had the precious opportunity to contribute articles and share my passion for fashion.

Alongside being a model, I am also a qualified speech-language therapist and a primary SEND teacher. As a charity spokesperson for many different organisations across the world, I spend a lot of time in promoting education and welfare of children with special needs from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

I am also involved in a lot of women empowerment, HIV awareness and environmental conservation campaigns. I am very grateful that I have been able to further my advocacies at the same time share my love for Art, Music and Fashion with young girls through my journey of community work. For instance, during the Coronavirus tough period, I have been teaching children and young girls painting and sewing in the community. 

I will also be going to the rural villages in India this summer to get involved in education programmes for children and empowerment campaigns for women. If you are interested, you are very welcome to check out my Instagram (@rosie.angelic) for my art, music and fashion work!

Could you share how do you expand your vision of art, fashion?

The theme of my magazine issue is fashion and nature. As a conservationist with a strong advocacy of sustainable fashion, I hope my pictures will encourage people to love and connect with nature during the lockdown as well as to live a sustainable lifestyle so as to conserve our beautiful planet. I am incredibly grateful that this period of time has allowed me to slow down and enjoy the beauty of our mother earth and her beautiful beaches and woods. 

It has also given me a lot of time to reflect what is truly important to me. I am so thankful social distancing has drawn me closer to nature. It has truly been a blessing to spend time in nature breathing in fresh air, sitting in the grass to meditate, watching the waves and tides, being away from everyone and appreciating the beauty of our planet.

I want to spread the message to conserve the environment through my love for sustainable fashion, combined with the beauty of nature photography. After all, we want to create a fashion industry that is beautiful both inside and out. If we love fashion, we MUST love the people behind too. I hope ultimately all businesses in the fashion community can grow towards the green agenda. 

As we all know, the Earth will only continue to offer its harvest with our faithful stewardship. I want to tell people through the issue to join our efforts together to create a planet that doesn't need to protected, where our children will grow up smiling and our animals will be free. I hope to create conscious change to our mother earth and remind one another to cherish our biggest home with love.

Is art, fashion important in your life? Why?

Art, music and fashion have always been in my blood. How important? Super important! I have always had a strong love for fashion. It is my love for fashion that has led me to become a fashion model. 

However, after years of modelling, I don’t just want to be the girl who graciously flaunts the couture dresses on the runway. I want to be the one behind who exquisitely designs and hand crafted creates the beautiful garments. Therefore, I have launched my brand Angelic Rose Couture (Instagram: angelic.rose_couture) with the goal to create bespoke couture dresses so that women can feel the best version of themselves. I hope to spread the message of bold beauty through my designs, where women will appreciate their own natural beauty, love themselves and feel beautiful in their own skin. I want all women to know they are beautiful and that they are fearfully and wonderfully created.

For Art and Music, I have always played the piano and the flute since I was five as I grew up in a music state school back in east Asia. Since a young age, I had the precious opportunity to perform on stage with bands and orchestras in different countries as well as to teach little children to play the flute as a flute teacher. I always think Music goes hand in hand with Art. If you have a strong love for one of them, usually you will develop your love for another as well. Since I was in kindergarten, my mum has hired a private Art teacher to teach me how to draw and paint. I have cultivated a passion for Art since then and have kept painting as one of my hobbies. Despite my hectic daily schedule, I always try to find the time to paint at least once a month. The moon cycle and inspirations form nature are often the themes of my paintings. You are very welcome to check out my Instagram (@rosie.angelic) for my work!

If you have a superpower or talent, which one do you wish to have? Why?

My wish is to make my voice as loud and far as it can reach to empower girls and create an army of strong women. I don’t think it is a superpower or a wish though. To me, it is more like a process that requires time and I believe this mission or goal will eventually be reached. I don’t only want to be a model for fashion. Ultimately, I want to be a strong powerful female role model for young girls and iconic leader for strong women so young girls can see their faces reflected in mine.

I grew up in a society and culture where women are often being devalued, and where women's voices and abilities are often undermined. Therefore, I have such a strong passion to put my voice out there to empower young girls. I am a fearless feminist with a burning passion in empowering women - but not at the expense of undermining men’s voices as I value gender equality. I hope through different international community campaigns, I can reach to girls and women across the world who lack courage to stand up for themselves. I also hope to teach young girls leadership skills and self-love through education. I want all women to embrace their capabilities and natural beauty with defiance to gender stereotypes and status quo of the society.

To all of you lovely young ladies who are reading my interview, I would love to encourage you as a BIG SISTER to strongly believe that you are valuable, capable and powerful. You deserve EVERY chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your goals and dreams!

In modern society, lots of people want to be famous, influential. How do you think about it?

I think when you are constantly in the public eye, it also naturally comes with more responsibilities. The younger generation always looks up to influential people nowadays as their role models. Therefore, an influential or famous person has a lot of power to influence and empower others, especially on social media. It is super important that famous people use the power wisely and be the light that shines and uplifts people in the world. It is also imperative for them to act and behave consistently in both personal and public life so as to be a true testimony for the others.

Last but not least, I think a truly successful person does not only selfishly think of his/ her self-advancement in his/her career or business. This can be applied to models, artists, photographers and fashion designers. Personally, I think it means nothing to be top model number one or win multiple designer awards, unless you use what you have to contribute back to the community. A truly successful person in the fashion industry will always think about how s/he can use his/ her experience and resources to give back to the society and empower people in the world - whether it is through their brands or contributions in community campaigns.

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