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Olga Kwasniewski

Spontaneous, Goal oriented, Creative

Her life story is stuff that best-sellers are made of. Born to a life of privilege, she came to the United States after working as an inspector of International Economic Affairs for the President of  her homeland in Russia. 

She left everything behind to start over in a foreign country, and now she is enjoying her success as a fashion model being signed with agencies in Boston, New York and Rhode Island. 

Her modeling portfolio includes numerous fashion shows and productions (Boston Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Matrix, L’Oreal and etc), editorials in national magazines, commercials for Cover Girl and TaylorMade,  her pictures in upcoming national photography book of world famous Mark Chester,  featured parts in upcoming music video with Shaggy and Krishane, Amigos, movies like “Heat” starring Sandra Bullock, “Company Men” with Ben Affleck,, “Equalizer” with Denzel Washington, “Edge of Darkness” with Mel Gibson, “Ugly Betty” with America Ferreira, “Feeling Pretty” with Amy Shummer. 

 In 2013, Olga became a state titleholder as Ms.. Massachusetts Globe. During her year of reign she was actively participating on a volunteering base at the numerous fundraising events of non-profit organizations like Ellie’s Fund, Easter Seal, Dress for Success, United Nations of Greater Boston, Worcester Refugee Assistance Project, Jewish Healthcare Center, Auburn Youth Family Service, Project Smile. Olga’s advocacy for anti-bullying among children and women, made her to become an official spokesperson for Women In Needs, a non-profit organization that provides assistance to abused females, and an Ambassador of Ivy Child International, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching children mindfulness and self-regulations.  Olga’s involvement with the community was recognized by Worcester Business Journal Award “40 Under 40”, Pulse Magazine Award “12 People to Watch in 2012. Future of Worcester County”, GoLocalWorcester Award “Women Making Difference in Central MA”.

In 2015 Olga received the World prestigious award in business Steve's Award as Female Entrepreneur  of the Year and The Best Workplace Run by Female. 

In 2017, Olga became an official producer of Fashion on Fire Gala in collaboration with Boston Fashion Week and Project Smile. The production raised a significant fund for children experienced traumatic events. 

During the same year, Olga Kwasniewski was invited to join an editorial team of national magazine “Gladys” as a Fashion Director of NorthEastern region. Since then you can find her globally at Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, exclusive designers and A-list celebrities events providing media coverage. 

Olga is serving on a board of directors of several non- profit organizations like Project Smile and She is Local . 


Moevir Magazine October Issue 2020 featured edition


Architect: Alexander Westerhoff @dom.paragon.antiques

Photographer: Dina Konovalov - Dina K Photography @dinakphotography

Female Model/Creative Director: Olga Kwasniewski @olga_konstanzia

Hair Stylist: Vanessa Lavin @vl_creative

Makeup Artist: Beckahmbeauty Makeup @beckah_mua

Fashion Designer: Mae Horak @maehorak

Videographer: Chrisbrookfn @chrisbrookfn


What makes you choose this profession?

My modeling profession, I chose because I was so determined to break a title that I had for many years of childhood and teenage years as a “wallflower” . I was very shy and insecure about myself. One day I decided to go to modeling school and start to overcome my fears and insecurities by being more in public. 

My job as a Fashion Director of “Gladys Magazine landed on me unexpectedly in 2017 . But writing and journalism were my greatest interests during my school years. Andrea Forte, chief editor of Gladys, made my another dream come true. Working with her, it's a blessing that I am grateful for . 

Could you share how you expand your vision of art, fashion?

It takes time and effort to discover your own photographic style. Your taste for defining beauty will My love and passion for art started when I was around 7 years old. My gratitude always would go to my parents who planted this interest in art and nourished it by taking me to museums, getting me art magazines subscriptions and signing me up to attend art studios classes. 

From that point of my life, I have been in constant  learning and admiration for different forms of art. Later, in adulthood this passion transformed into fashion which is an incredible expressive form of art. 

My vision of art I expand by visiting art exhibits, reading about new emerging artists and revisiting classic paintings of famous artists to experience a new reading of their work. 

What do you think about your work? Is it what you like, or simply saying a dream?

My work as a model and a fashion director of the national USA  magazine “Gladys” as a fashion director is my  absolute dream work. Those two jobs are interconnected and compliment each other so perfectly , that creates more inspiration for me to explore new talents and expand my vision of art in fashion.  

I remember one day during New York Fashion week if 2018 very vividly. After conducting a very first in Boston, Playboy magazine release party, where I was featured, at 5 am I left for New York City to be on time at 10 am to provide press coverage of NYFW for “Gladys” magazine and later that day at 7 pm i was modeling on a runway. 

That was a 48 hours non stop marathon. But I don't complain and would do this over and over again because it's my drive and passion that I live for. 

In modern society, lots of people want to be famous, influential. What do you think about it?

We are living in a time when many standards of morality have changed. Meaning of being famous and influential is completely different than it was , for example, even 20 years ago. Now I see that many people's self-goal is to be “ famous” at any cost. 

I think those changes happened because we live in the world of social media, that washed out borders and limits of socially acceptable behavior and consequences of that. People become “influential” in our days for not being a role model or displaying a positive character, but for absurd and nonsense things. And that's unfortunate for our young generation. 

What is the most important thing for creating new work?

For any creative person, new work is always arriving from inspiration of what they experienced in life. Art work is an expression of your emotions and feelings, it's a story you want to share with your audience. Another important aspect of creativity is a goal of what you want people to learn from your work, what meaning or a message  you are trying to deliver.

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