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After photographing over 200 extraordinary couples taking the leap to build a deeper connection of enduring love, she is happy to say that she really does love weddings.

She’s spent the last eleven years surrounded by love, lots of smooches, pretty flowers, wedding cakes, and best friends - this has really shaped her into the person she is today. Her story is more about the stories she is blessed enough to share with her clients. Documenting these stories is just an added bonus!

This is what makes her heart beat fastest, and she can’t imagine a life without documenting how much love can be given and shared.

As the years have passed, she’s found an incredible passion for fashion. She adores the ability to play with textures, moods, light, darkness, and movement.

Fashion photography certainly sparks a unique inspiration within.

She dreams that each photo brings rushing emotion, brings wonder and mystery, and that you feel inspired in your own life.


Moevir Magazine April Issue 2020 featured edition

[Color Theory]

Photography and Videography Mon Soleil @monsoleilweddings


Venue: Château De Villette @chateau_de_villette /@theheritagecollection

Creative director Carrie Moe of Type A Society

Production NTE events @nktevents

Hair and makeup Ava Belle @avabelleluxury

Flowers Floraison @floraisonparis

Head pieces Erin Rhyne and Keren Wolf @erinrhyne and @kerenwolf

Shoes Bella Belle Shoes @bellabelleshoes

Fashion Looks

Blue @moniquelhuillier

Red @moniquelhuillier

Pink @moniquelhuillier

Black and floral @moniquelhuillier

Models from Karin and Mademoiselle Modeling agencies 


What will be the suggestions to new photographers?

My greatest advice for new photographers is to embrace the long road. Being a great photographer is a lifelong journey, and the day you think you've made it is the exact day you fail. Remain humble and eager to learn. Push yourself to break the rules, and find your voice in all the noise.

Most photographers get caught up in the equipment and the marketing, but don't follow this. Your craft is much deeper! Create magic and always go above and beyond for your clients. This will bring you the greatest success!

Above all, never stop believing that you can win in all of your dreams! 

What is the most important thing for creating new work?

When you create new work, the most important element is that it pushes you to grow! Every editorial I create must fulfil my desire to create my own inspiration. Therefore, each new work should be completely unique and different than anything you've ever created. It must speak to the heart!

Creating imagery for myself has propelled our business forward in ways I never dreamed! Not only have these editorials pushed me beyond my comfort level, but these editorials have also attracted a higher level of clientele. 

Where does your inspiration come from?

When I first began this journey in photography, I would find inspiration from other photographers. However, I have found the most inspiration by looking inward. I find inspiration in my family, nature, cultures, architecture, old paintings, music, and vast landscapes.

I find that when I simply look closer, I find more.

For example, a chair may seem to be a boring subject, but when you look closer, you'll notice light, shadows, and texture. So when you feel uninspired by what you're photographing, stop. Take a deep breath and push past the obvious. A great photographer will find (or create) beauty and mystery.

What is your favorite camera? Why?

When it comes to cameras, I adore the Contax 645. This is a film camera that produces painterly-like qualities, and the color is just divine! I also really enjoy the creative process of knowing that every single time I click the shutter, it matters! Film photography forces me to slow down and to be fully intentional with every image.

As for digital photography, I prefer our Fujifilm GFX 100! It is a medium format camera that I've paired with my 80 mm Carl Zeiss lens. This combination has provided a very similar look to my film work, and that is a wonderful thing! 

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