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Madi Meserole

Street, Sleek and Edgy

Starting the label and unveiling her first collection when she was only 19 years old, Madi Meserole, created what is known by many today as MEZ Atelier. 

Having grown up in the Live Music Capital of the World (Austin, TX), Meserole was constantly surrounded with creative ideas and the need to express her own vision in a unique way. While many artists in the city utilized music as their expressive medium, Meserole, utilized fabric to create pieces that began to captivate a growing audience. 

Out of a passion for design and necessity for a creative outlet, the avant-garde streetwear label, MEZ Atelier was born! It’s an aesthetic only one can dare to dream about, as Meserole envisions garments with striking appearances that each hold a special place in her heart. Meserole believes that we all have somewhat of a desire to wear something special or different - something that no one else has - and that’s what MEZ Atelier is all about. 

What we wear is our silent message to the world about how we’re feeling, what we’re thinking, what we stand for. MEZ Atelier was created for the sake of being able to boldly express oneself in a more “out there” type of fashion. 


Moevir Magazine October Issue 2020 featured edition

[Ethereal Beauty]

Fashion Designer/Makeup Artist: Madi Meserole @mez_atelier

Model: Caroline Sykes @carosykes10

Photographer: Vinnie Fallico @vinniefallico

Female Model: Meghan Meserole @meghan_meserole


Tell us something about you. Maybe your life, profession, habit, dream. 

I’m a very creative individual and constantly need that type of outlet in my life. I grew up drawing and painting a lot, it really wasn’t until I got a little older that I discovered how much I love designing and making clothes. But I was hooked from the moment I started and knew I had to create a life out of it!  My dream would be to see my label, MEZ Atelier, flourish. Designing is a tough business, especially in the fashion industry, so making it grow to new heights is going to take some time, commitment and nurturing. I’m absolutely committed to this passion! This label is truly my child and just as any parent would hope, they want to see their children thrive. 

What makes you choose this profession?

Although tough and frustrating as it sometimes may be, this profession is without a doubt rewarding! When finally seeing a collection walk down the runway or an editorial come to life, I truly get chills to my very core. The feeling is bittersweet, as that vision is ending another one is starting to be created. It’s as though you are creating a fantasy within your own imagination and bringing it to life. A vision seen through fruition makes every single ounce of frustration worth it. That’s why I choose it, it’s a creative addiction that I constantly crave. 

Could you share how you expand your vision of art, fashion?

Art and fashion I believe, go hand in hand. Both utilize techniques and craftsmanship to depict a vision. Both also evoke an overall concept, and that concept is interpreted through whichever medium the artist, or designer, chooses. For fashion, it is fabric. There are so many beautiful concepts depicted within this medium of fabric that, to me, it is often hard to decipher whether it is solely fashion or an art form, as the two often coincide with one another. 

In your daily routine, what resources do you like to learn new things about art, fashion?

Oh I love to constantly learn about new things in art and fashion! I’m really like a sponge - trying to absorb as much information as possible because I believe that’s what drives innovation in both departments. The knowledge factor. A lot of ideas are spread so quickly now through social media, that it’s easy, and even addicting to hop on and quickly scroll through the news feed, exploring different content and seeing what’s going on in the world.

Is art, fashion important in your life? Why?

Fashion as well as art are very important to my life for a couple different reasons. One of the most prominent being fashion is my creative outlet. It’s the art form in which I choose to express myself, and I believe it’s very important for everyone to have some sort of outlet in which they can truly be their unique selves. That's what makes the world such a special, interesting place!

If you have a superpower or talent, which one do you wish to have? Why?

I know this may sound very strange but honestly, I think being able to see colors others couldn’t would be amazing! It’s one of those crazy concepts I’ve definitely thought about, as butterflies and bees are some of the creatures that see a whole spectrum of colors that humans can’t. Imagine that! Not one, but a whole spectrum of unique colors! I’m a very visual person, so seeing life through a completely different lens, one that technically exists, would be so beautiful and absolutely mind opening. 

Do you have any problems with your profession? How did you solve it?

The main problem I get with my profession is the constant strive for perfection. Whether it’s a single seam on a garment or getting the entire concept to pull together, the frustration truly lies in the details. Then again, that’s what makes beautiful collections stand out against just good collections. It all boils down to the story they each tell and, as many are aware, much of the story lies within the details. By taking things slow and striving to make each piece of the puzzle as perfect as possible, it helps prevent frustration from happening in the future, resulting in a beautiful, well put together vision. 

Who do people impact most in your profession? What do you learn from them?

The people that impact me most are designers and artists themselves. Seeing a person emotionally express themselves on a platform for the rest of the world to see is one of the most beautiful acts of courageousness to me. It’s those special kinds of people who give me confidence in what I’m doing and drive me to learn more about the work I’m partaking in. There's always more techniques to learn and implement into the future, and I’m eager to obtain as much knowledge as possible!

What do you think about your work? Is it what you like, or simply saying a dream?

My work is very different from an ordinary desk job. Like anything in life, it comes with its own set of pros and cons. It’s not always so glamorous as one might originally make it out to be, and can easily become overwhelmingly stressful, but it is very rewarding nonetheless. Being a designer requires working with a team of people - whether it’s your photographer, your models, your production team - each play a specific role in helping your wildest imagination come to life! That’s what I believe is key as well as such a beauty and enjoyable part of the job!

How do you prepare your new shoot?

I prepare for a new shoot in a couple different steps. Obviously as a designer, the first step is making sure all the clothes fit well and are ready to go on the models. Then I have to think about hair and makeup and what I envision the overall shoot to look like - there’s so many details that can easily be forgotten! After I figure out exactly how to accomplish what I envision, I brief my models and photographer over what I’m picturing and then before you know it, it’s shoot day! My team and I have tons of fun on set, playing music and just laughing a lot! I believe you have to keep the moment as stress free as possible and make it fun - it’s much easier to accomplish what you envision when everyone is relaxed and enjoying the shoot. 

Where does your inspiration come from?

As a designer, a lot of my inspiration stems from emotion. Whether it’s a song that moves me, a news headline that shakes me to my core or a captivating feeling of a certain time frame - the bottom line is it all stems from emotion. At the end of the day, we’re all human beings trying to communicate how and what we feel to one another. Whether it’s something we enjoyed or something we’re passionate about, we’re very social creatures that want to constantly share all we’re absorbed in. This is where my inspiration comes into play. I want to share thoughts and emotions that make my audience feel something, whether that’s confidence or something deeper- and I want them to feel it and share it with others too! 

What are the most difficulties during your shoots?

One of the biggest difficulties during my shoots is making sure the clothing I created is portrayed in the manner in which I envisioned it. This can be tricky, as I’m not a photographer by any means. I have to work closely with my own personal photographer, Vinnie Fallico, and models, to make sure we get the perfect shot! Team work makes the dream work and this team does a fantastic job every time! 

What is the most important thing for creating new work?

 One of the most important things when creating a new work, is that the emotion and initial concept are shown through in the final product. It takes a ton of attention to detail, as well as commitment to staying true to your initial inspiration. It can be hard sometimes to stay on track when there are so many other ideas bouncing around in your head, so staying true to that first initial thought can get to be a little tricky. Regardless, seeing it come through fruition makes it all worthwhile! 

Do you have that feeling? When you have a look at the work you created 1 or 2 years ago, you still think it is in fashion.  

There are many pieces I have previously created that I still think could be very current in the fashion world today. My style is a more contemporary, avant-garde look, therefore I believe most my garments will always remain somewhat relevant as they are conversational pieces.  The clothes I create are for the individual that wants to stand out from the crowd and wear something people will remember and talk about.

Will you still create new works when you are old?

I absolutely will continue to create new works when I’m old. Designing clothes is my creative outlet and let’s me express my thoughts, feelings and emotions with the world through the medium of fabric. It allows me my own unique realm of creativity where I can visualize a thought out idea and express that vision with the rest of the world. It’s such a rewarding and beautiful process to me, I couldn’t imagine my life without it!

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