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Popular TV host, professional model, fashion & lifestyle blogger

Ivanna Onufriichuk is a popular Ukrainian media personality, professional model, lifestyle & travel blogger, an actress, starring in films of various genres.

Ivanna has a personal TV show about famous celebrity men  watched by the whole country.Ivanna is active as an actress, starring in films of various genres. Ivanna has won many awards in the modelling field and is  invited now  as a journalist to the national and international beauty contests. Many designers invite Ivanna to open their fashion shows as the part of the Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Ivanna is the face of many Ukrainian and European brands of clothing, cosmetics, she also takes an active part in advertising campaigns. Princess of Vienna Ball and Ambassador of the International Competition from Ukraine. Owns acting skills and starred in interesting films. Is actively involved in charitable activities, philanthropist. Actively travels around the world, has visited more than 50 countries.


Moevir Magazine October Issue 2020 featured edition

[Ivanna ]

Photographer - Alex Dani @alexdanifotografo

Model - Ivanna Onufriichuk @ivannaonufriichuk

Stylist - Vadym Nizovets  @vadymnizovets

Makeup - Natali Benje @natalibenje


What makes you choose this profession?

In general, I really like how the world, technologies, brands, companies are developing rapidly now, and since I am a creative person, I always wanted to achieve only the highest results.

And one of my main goals is a role in a Hollywood movie, so I strive for this step by step, day after day.

The most important thing is that what we do and what we strive to succeed in should bring us pleasure

One of the important points is the value that personality gives, that's why I chose this profession.

I have always wanted to be the center of attention and I am often inspired by the charisma of many famous world-class actresses.

To become famous, what kind of qualities do you think the person should have?

First of all, a person must have a desire. This is the basis for success, approximately 98%. Also, a person must have volitional qualities in order to force himself to work on himself to achieve his goal. 

A very important quality is communication skills. Thanks to the ability to communicate and show a sincere interest in others, a person will be able to expand his circle of acquaintances and friends, as well as make his life brighter.

As well a person must be optimistic and believe that sooner or later everything will work out for him if he works. In addition, in our time, connections play a significant role, as well as personal qualities. And of course, loyal and reliable friends who will always be there, motivate, support and rejoice at every victory and goal realization.

Where does your inspiration come from?

The main inspirer and motivator in my life is my family, and I consider this an important aspect for every person, because it is the people close to us that motivate us to achieve success every day.

I am also inspired by traveling. I love visiting beautiful cities, meeting interesting people, learning new traditions.

A special place of my inspiration is nature - sunsets and sunsets on the seashore, give incredible emotions, clear the mind and create creative ideas for embodiment.

And listen to music, it will also serve you as a motivator and cleanse your spiritual state of unnecessary thoughts and concentrate on fulfilling important goals.

In modern society, lots of people want to be famous, influential. What do you think about it?

Yes, this is absolutely true. Every person wants to be on the covers of influential magazines, to be constantly surrounded by photographers and fans, and his every word is heard by everyone.

But most importantly, I believe that this is the value that a person gives to his environment, country and society, and for this you do not need to be mega popular.

It is important to be yourself, to be an individual, and to give "your" unique value.

Is art, fashion important in your life? Why?

Oh sure.

Since I am a public person, and often attend various social events, it is important for me to always look spectacular and bright, and for this it is necessary to study fashion trends, new items, trends - my personal stylist helps me with this, with whom we select interesting images for each event. ...

It also serves as an inspiration, for example, I love to visit interesting art exhibitions of creative artists and get a sea of   cool emotions from this.

How do you prepare your new shoot?

For me, each shooting is like a special part of my everyday life, and I prepare myself for the shooting process in a very detailed, morally and physically manner.

One of the most important processes is, of course, the film crew, because the process and the result depend on their professionalism.

The atmosphere on the set is also an important point - I love that everyone was positive, then the shooting will go unnoticed.

And of course, self-tuning, you must be relaxed and just enter the role and then every shoot will be top-notch.

If you have a superpower or talent, which one do you wish to have? Why?

I would definitely like to have super power to read other people's minds.

I am a very open and trusting person, and I always want to see only good in people.

But nowadays, many people are very envious and use the kindness and sincerity of others for personal gain. With my new superpower, I could filter my environment so that only kind and sincere people were with me. This is what I wish for everyone.

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