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Iconic Elegance

Gurnoor, an international model and pageant titleholder of Miss Jr Teen Canada Nation Universe has made exposure in the last year in the industry. As we see her journey, she has been able to join various global runways including, Super Chic Fashion Weeks, NYFW, and more. She has also been able to have a greater appearance in the famous city, New York where she had appeared on the billboard of Times Square. Including having her own, dedicated media article of her biography and her opportunities she wants and is pursuing at the moment, and her own front magazine cover. 


Moevir Magazine May Issue 2024 featured edition

[ Iconic Elegance  ]

Model: Gurnoor Dhaliwal @gurnoordhaliwal_29

Icon Model Management @iconmodelmanagment

Photographer: Rinockha @ph.rinockha

Makeup Artist: Olga @olga_makeup.artist


As this is her first year of pageantry, she has had the opportunity to win the title of Miss Jr Teen Canada Nation Universe from the company of Miss US Nation. She has also become an advocate for women’s empowerment, rights, and freedom. She has supported a charity called Woman’s Legal Education and Action Fund to raise awareness and funds for girls all around the world for resources to support this charity, she has said how she wanted to also use her platform, and title making a difference. To make sure she makes changes and advocates for important causes. She also said she has raised money and spoke about this awareness by creating influential bookmarks, spreading the message on her social media platforms, and also being able to raise money online, and having a team of change makers and leaders to help her with this advocacy. 

She has a passion for being able to create her own Women’s Empowerment Global Charity, where she can help women and girls all around the world to speak up for rights, speech, and also have the strength for empowerment, and being able to pursue various jobs, education, and career opportunities. She has stated, growing up she wants to become a famous fashion designer, creating her own global innovative brand, that has various visionary collections. 

She wants to study at the University of Parsons New School located in New York. She states, “Many of my inspirations I look up to have gone there, I would like to take the learning they had in their fashion career which remarks them in the fashion world, and use it for my brand”. She hopes that later in her career, she will be able to express and explore many aspects and different opportunities. She hopes to make appearances in magazines, like Harper Bazaar, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, The Cut, and much more. She also hopes to be able to join in more global fashion weeks including Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and more. 

Coming into view, she would like to be able to join in high-end runways like Dior, Chanel, Gucci, and others. Including being able to have the opportunity to collaborate with various fashion brands, magazines, cosmetics and much more, she is also wanting to continue in pageantry. As she states, “I am fond of the idea of pageantry and a great way to grow my platform in more ways I can imagine. Though, the one thing I love the most about pageants is the opportunity to use my title to share my voice and make differences. 

“I hope to also keep supporting more charity’s, and causes to keep making differences and sharing my advocacy with a change.” She is a young girl, with big dreams and has the determination to make thevm reality. Her persuasive approach, and her willingness towards her career is a true inspiration for our younger audience out there. 

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