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Dr. Manuela Loeblein

Dr. Manuela Loeblein has always been drawn to pushing boundaries and shattering stereotypes. As a scientist and woman of engineering, she's spent her career navigating a landscape dominated by men, proving her worth and challenging preconceptions every step of the way. Now, she's embarking on a thrilling new chapter, diving headfirst into the worlds of television, art, and modeling with the same unwavering determination and passion that have guided her throughout her career.

Ballet has been a lifelong passion for Manuela. Though she stepped away from it for over a decade, the allure of dance remained strong. Now, she's returned with a vengeance, embracing both ballet and pole dancing as avenues for self-expression and strength rediscovered.

But her artistic journey extends beyond the dance floor. Manuela has also stepped in front of the camera, using photography to explore different concepts and express her creativity (@manusiii). Through her captivating images, she seeks to embody the juxtaposition that has defined her life: strength and fierceness, without sacrificing her softness and femininity.

In her pursuit of these new challenges, Manuela embodies resilience and fearlessness. Each step she takes into this new world is a testament to her determination to push boundaries and defy expectations. Her journey serves as an inspiration to others, reminding us all that it's never too late to pursue our passions and embrace new adventures.


Moevir Magazine March Issue 2024 featured edition

[Fierce in Grace]

Photographer: Merv Kwok @mervkwok
Model: (myself) Dr. Manuela Loeblein @manusiii
Wardrobe: Apperloth


Can you share with us how your journey began in the entertainment industry, and what motivated you to pursue a career in performing arts and fashion modeling?

My journey in this industry began exactly one year ago, when I was casted for Season 2 of The Apprentice – from one day to another I was on set and couldn’t really stop and think and grasp everything that was happening around me. Once filming was over, I stayed in such an awe of what I had just lived through. The amount of creativity and fire I experienced in that short period of time, was something that had been lacking for so long in my actual career. 

I had to find a way to keep that fire going! Somehow a switch was turned on in my head that brought up so many creative ideas flowing that I just couldn’t turn back off. Fashion / artistic / dance photography was the perfect way to start expressing and bringing to life all those ideas and feelings.

As someone involved in multiple artistic domains such as acting, dancing, and modeling, how do you balance the demands and expectations of each profession?

Since this is really my passion, I just enjoy the process. I take on projects that speak to me and that I connect with. This makes it easier to be fully in it and deliver. And I believe keeping up with dance classes helps not only with my dance projects, but also keeps me working on my grace and expression, which help me in modeling and acting.

What role do you believe fashion modeling plays in the broader context of the entertainment industry, particularly in relation to self-expression and creativity?

Fashion modeling can be everything, it’s not just clothes – it’s a gateway to explore your body, emotions and creativity. Even the runway has evolved more towards a form of artistic expression of the designer. It sets trends, that then other industries pick up and develop further.

How do you approach character development and interpretation when transitioning between roles in acting and performing various styles of dance?

I dance to express my feelings. The way I choose my songs is: I let them find me. It could be music randomly playing on the street or in some shop, or over my Spotify Discover Weekly list (love this one! It’s always so on point in finding new songs for me). If something about the song evokes memories or emotions – I’m hooked. I’ll then try to express those feelings or stories with my body. 

Depending on the feeling it evokes in me, I will choose different dance styles or clothing / accessories. A more sensual song might be heels & pole, a more emotional song with lots of high notes, might probably be a very expressive contemporary dance, perhaps even in a very flowy dress.

In your opinion, what are some of the biggest challenges faced by women in the entertainment industry today, and how have you personally navigated them throughout your career?

I noticed that there are still a lot of misconceptions around being and showing up “sexy”. Especially when someone is a pole dancer, you can imagine what the standard first reaction might be (e.g. are you a stripper? That’s a lot of skin!). It is not about appealing to others, it’s a way of empowerment and feeling comfortable in your own body. 

Many of my fellow pole sisters still have separate social media accounts just for their pole life – I am as open as possible about it and normalize feeling openly happy with your body and sensuality, I even very openly shared about this hobby during my last round of job interviews. (Between us, it also is a perfect filter when you are dating – when you tell a prospective date that you pole dance, their first reaction will tell you A LOT about their character ;D)

What advice would you give to aspiring performers and models who are looking to break into the industry and establish themselves professionally?

There is no limit / age / perfect figure! I always thought I was past my age and way off the ideal shape… but here we are - I have a model set card!! If you want to be in this industry and you are very passionate about it, just GO for it. There is a space for everyone here. Nothing comes without hard work though, you need to put in the effort, time and dedication.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance amidst the hectic schedule and demands of the entertainment industry?

I am a very structured person, so I keep a very detailed calendar, with color codes for my different jobs and activities. And I make sure that I leave enough space for workouts, sleeping and catching up with friends. I also make sure that I eat healthy and drink lots of water, no specific diet, just very balanced and if my body asks me for specific cravings, I follow suit and will get it, as I know my body knows best what it needs to stay healthy and happy :)

Can you share any specific rituals or practices you engage in to prepare yourself mentally and physically before a performance or a modeling shoot?

Before a shoot or performance, I ground myself. I make sure my feet are steady on the ground. I could be either sitting or standing, doesn’t matter, the important thing is to have both feet on the ground, I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I do this very consciously and really try to feel the air filling my lungs and blend out any noise and movement around me. Breathe in through the nose, breathe out through the mouth. In that moment I’m just within myself and know that I have all that it takes to succeed in the performance / shoot / job ahead.

How do you handle criticism and feedback in an industry where personal image and performance are constantly scrutinized?

ABSOLUTELY don’t take it personal! In an industry like this, tastes and preferences are as diverse as people are. As long as YOU yourself are happy with how you look and what you are doing, keep on going and don’t let yourself get affected by rejection or criticism. 

In this industry it can come down to little things such as hair or eye color, that someone just has a different taste or preference than what you offer. You will never be able to please everyone (e.g. the producer wants green eyes, the photographer prefers blue – what will you do with your brown eyes? Wear a green contact lens on the left, a blue one on the right eye??), so just do and look how you feel comfortable and happy.

What are your thoughts on the evolving role of social media in shaping the careers of performers and models, and how do you leverage online platforms to connect with your audience?

Social Media is so important nowadays! And this is coming from me, who until a year ago had no idea about Reels, Hashtags and TikTok. (I must admit, that for the longest while I thought IG was just a nice photo-filter app). But those platforms have become so essential to connect with your audience and share your art beyond your direct circle of friends and people. There is just no other better way to share your thoughts and message with likeminded people like these global platforms. (You can find me now on IG as @manusiii)

Have you encountered any significant setbacks or failures in your career, and if so, how did you overcome them and continue to pursue your passion?

At first, I thought of not making it further into the episodes of The Apprentice as a failure (I was eliminated just after a few episodes in). But after a lot of self-reflexion and internal work I came to realize that exactly THAT is what made me so hungry to pursue this career and art further. It made me work so much harder on myself and to find a platform and ways to express my newfound self and creative ideas. Now I can say, going through that perceived failure, was actually the biggest prize this show could have given to me.

Can you share any behind-the-scenes anecdotes or memorable moments from your experiences on set or during performances that have stayed with you throughout your career?

Being on a reality TV show made me lose my sense of embarrassment. We were mic-ed up all the time, for almost 16 hours a day. And it’s a hassle to get the cables and box all well-hidden and sticking inside your wardrobe, so they won’t take it off until the end of shoot day. That means you will be going to the bathroom, with a microphone attached to you! 

I think I only felt self-conscious about it for the first day, after that you are so caught up with what is going on on set, that you don’t realize that you are carrying a microphone everywhere with you - I feel so sorry for the audio people behind the scenes!

How do you prioritize self-care and mental well-being in an industry that often demands physical perfection and high levels of performance?

I choose my projects according to my values and beliefs, so I don’t compromise myself and can stay true to who I am. This, paired with a healthy feeling of happiness with your own body and appearance is what makes me stay happy in this industry. As long as I am proud of myself and what I do, I’m at peace. As mentioned earlier, you will never be able to please everyone, so just make sure that YOU are pleased with yourself :)

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals for the future of your career in entertainment and fashion modeling, and how do you plan to achieve them?

Being on the cover of a fashion magazine has always been a HUGE dream of mine, and now you have made it happen – thank you for that :D Now I am looking for a new TV show that is maybe less cut-throat than the one I was in, something more feel-good entertainment. Maybe something related to dance. If anyone is interested or has any interesting concepts – do reach out to me!

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