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Carly Reed

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Carly received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology. She moved to Naples, FL in 2014 and worked as an occularist, custom painting and fabricating prosthetic eyes in a medical lab. Carly now works as a full-time residential home designer where her creativity soars into the aspect of curating beautiful properties for families to call “home.” Carly branches her artistic talents into the world of fashion/modeling, painting and writing inspiring poetry. Her love for creating continues to grow and illuminate into many industries as she embraces and follows her inner passion as a natural-born artist.

Carly Reed is a natural-born creative. She is a designer, model, artist and writer/author.


Moevir Magazine April Issue 2024 featured edition

[ Chic Comfort ]

Female Model: Carly Reed @Posche Models @carlyannmariereed

Photographer: Tommy Chung @tommychungphotography

Makeup Artist: Alexas Makeup @alexas_makeupartist


What inspired you to pursue a career in fashion and how do you stay motivated?

I have always had a love for fashion and knack for style and taste. I was inspired to pursue a career in fashion through my career in home design. Experiencing my love for curating beautiful properties for families to call “home” inspired me to expand my artistic talents into the fashion industry as I embrace expanding the timeless and classic vision into the world of fashion. When you love what you do, motivation comes easy. Creating beautiful work in multiple industries is a passion and a blessing.

Can you describe your creative process when putting together a photoshoot or blog post?

As a naturally creative person, I curate photoshoots that are multi-dimensional, connecting with the work on different levels in order to bring it to life in full-force. In doing so, I determine a color scheme and outfit materials/brand(s) that will best fit the vision, along with a corresponding atmosphere/environment and expressive posing that is in alignment to best convey the overall feeling and emotion of the shoot. My work becomes multi-dimensional when I incorporate other media tactics to coincide with the fashion/modeling– this typically involves writing expressive poetry and/or a canvas painting. I love to connect with my work on deeper, artistic levels.

How do you use your platform as a fashion model/blogger to advocate for important social and environmental causes?

I use my platform as a fashion model to tie in photoshoots with deeper, meaningful art that touches on the topics of mental health and body dysmorphia. I curate photoshoots that expand on these vulnerable topics by incorporating writings/poetry and custom paintings. This multi-media approach blends the photoshoot, writing and artwork into one expansive, relatable message for viewers. Modeling is a tasteful way to communicate and expand on these vulnerable topics that people can connect with.

Can you discuss your thoughts on the relationship between fashion and sustainability?

Fashion is a beautiful concept that never tires. There are always developing trends, alongside timeless staples that create the foundation. Fashion is forever evolving and therefore the sustainability remains.

How do you stay authentic and true to yourself in an industry that can sometimes prioritize appearance over personality?

The world of fashion tends to prioritize appearance, rightfully so, as designers have visions for their work and how they want it to be conveyed to viewers. Understanding that one’s vision and personal preference to express this vision falls on how the product will appear allows me to stay authentic and not take things so personally in this industry. As a creative, I understand how important it is to bring your vision to life and finding the right people to fit this inspiration can be a beautiful process. 

Supporting the creative process of others and not taking offense to it helps you find the right people to work with, we’re all entitled to our own visions and not everyone’s appearance/personality fits into another’s vision. And that’s the beauty of creating.

Can you share any tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance as a fashion model/blogger?

Love what you do. When you love what you do, it doesn’t always feel like work and finding balance comes easier. It’s important to unplug and prioritize self care. Always focus on being the best version of yourself, it helps you to be your best for others, too!

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