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Bohdana Goncharuk

Bohdana Goncharuk is one of the most well-known bloggers in Ukraine.  Even skeptics consider purchasing her “Money Meditation” 


Moevir Magazine April Issue 2024 featured edition

[ Bohdana Goncharuk  ]

Cover model: Bohdana Goncharuk@bohdana_goncharuk


there’s just too much talk about how effective it is. Bohdana openly discusses her income, owns ten apartments (including one in Dubai), and is ready to tell everyone how to become fabulously wealthy.

Bohdana is an expert in personal branding, sales, and financial mindset. By combining these two areas, 

she has achieved success in business.

Bohdana began her journey as a blogger in 2019. Despite her financial well-being, life seemed empty to her without creative expression. The first topic she chose was nutrition. She was so interested in this area that she pursued a second degree. In 2020, while in her fourth month of pregnancy, it became clear that she needed to move forward, and she launched her first marathon, “Abundance Energy.”

Immediately after recording her first marathon in her fourth month of pregnancy, subscribers noticed that Bohdana’s baby brought them incredible success and fulfillment. After completing the first course on personal branding and sales, she significantly increased her income. In May 2021, just four months after her first training, her earnings reached $38,000. On the ninth month of her pregnancy, Bohdana bought an apartment in Dubai and launched a course for 250 people right from the maternity hospital.

Currently, she works with two different courses on different topics and typically conducts 5 to 6 streams per year. The first course, “Abundance Energy,” introduces participants to the basics and includes 22 meditations, 12 practices, and 12 trainings conducted online. The second course, “Personal Brand Energy,” focuses on developing a personal brand. Both courses emphasize the role of energy in achieving success.

The blogger herself admits that she loves money and enjoys helping others earn as well. 

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