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Babiak Nadia

Business / Fashion / Social Media

Nadia has been living in Qatar , the Middle East, for the past 9 years. She has great love and appreciation for the Arab culture and traditions.

She is a successful entrepreneur in the restaurant business  and social media influencer.

Her love for traveling has taken her to many great destinations where she discovered her passion for photography, art and fashion. 

Her lifestyle includes healthy eating, living and thinking. She is vegetarian, sports take huge part of her daily life and she is an advocate for sustainability and eco friendly products that she uses in her daily life and businesses.

She is constantly evolving and developing in her personal life and social media presence, always working on new projects and developing new ideas for herself and her audience.


Moevir Magazine December Issue 2022 featured edition

[Babiak Nadia]

Model / Stylist /

Makeup Artist Nadia Babiak @nadia_babiyak



Could you share how you expand your vision of art, fashion?

Qatar , where I currently live , is a very modern , cosmopolitan and ever evolving city with many art and fashion related events and exhibitions which are always inspiring me and giving me creativity for all my current and future projects .

That combined with my daily media presence, my love for magazines and other social platforms are an unlimited inspiration for fashion and art .

How do you prepare for your new shoot?

First, sleep. I’m busy nowadays as I have 2 small babies but if I have an important shoot I m making sure I get some adequate rest that night.

Secondly, I always want my hair and skin to be on point. Exfoliating my skin and moisturizing well is a key to looking great. Hair for me is also very important, luckily, I have lots of hair and for me, it was always a big advantage, but hair also should be prepared. I use my favorite hair mask and I’m making it look fresh and shiny.

Moreover a few days before my photoshoot I cut on carbs and eat less sugary things. I’m a coffee lover, I try to reduce my caffeine intake since I tend to retain water in my body.

How do you balance comfort and style while traveling?

I always research the destination before traveling in terms of weather and activities that I will like to participate in and based on that I select my outfits and plan my fashion looks in advance .

To become famous, what kind of qualities do you think the person should have?

I believe to become famous and successful a person should believe in their abilities , they should be consistent and determined . They should be ready and prepared for living in the spotlight with all the challenges that come with it .

What advice would you give someone who is trying to develop their personal style?

I believe that everybody should develop and evolve their personal style based on what suits them and makes them feel confident . Finding somebody with a personal style that would inspire them is very important too .

How do you express your individuality through your fashion choices?

Living in the Middle East for many years has broaden my horizon in terms of my fashion choices and now

I love experimenting and expressing myself with sometimes wearing traditional Arab outfits like abayas .

And I have learned as well how important accessories like jewellery, shoes and bags are which are always helping me to complete my looks.

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