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She and only

Maryana's hobbies are not limited to beauty and manicures. Bright images and various photo shoots are not only her hobby but also her main motivation for creative self-expression. Therefore, she recently opened an online boutique with women's clothing "Valeri"

Despite the success in her career, Maryana always finds time for her family. She believes that family is the basis of her life. Joint trips become not only an opportunity to take a break from everyday work but also a time to deepen family ties and create unforgettable memories. In addition, Maryana greatly appreciates the opportunity to help those who need support. It is important not only to have a successful career but also to make the world a better place. Purposeful business lady and mother

Maryana is the mother of three charming girls and the co-owner of successful beauty salons in Italy. Her talent in manicure is already known far beyond borders, and she recently won the Grand Prix in Dubai. Not stopping there, Maryana joined the European team of judges.


Moevir Magazine April Issue 2024 featured edition

[ She and only ]

Photographer: Finegold Production @finegoldproduction

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist:  Kyrychenko Nadia

Model: Kironda Mariana


How do you think the pandemic has impacted the fashion industry and what changes do you see on the horizon? The pandemic has significantly affected the fashion industry.

Most of the fashion shows, presentations, and other events have moved to a virtual format. Overall, the pandemic has caused significant changes in the fashion industry. Still, it has also created opportunities for innovation and the development of new directions that could define the industry's future. Further growth in online sales can be expected on the horizon.

How do you see the role of fashion evolving in society and culture, particularly about self-expression and identity?

Thanks to the variety of fashion trends and styles, each person has the opportunity to find their unique way of expressing themselves through clothing.

Fashion allows you to create images that reflect the individuality and diversity of each individual. It can reflect social status, ethnicity, political views, and other aspects of identity. Thus, fashion becomes an important element of cultural and social expression that promotes the development of individuality and diversity in society.

Can you describe your creative process when putting together a photoshoot or blog post?

My creative process when creating a photo shoot or blog post usually starts with an idea or concept. This can be inspiration from fashion trends, cultural influences, or even my own experiences and observations.

Once I have an idea, I develop a concept for a photoshoot or blog post.

After the shooting, I analyze the received pictures or text and choose the best ones for publication.

What inspired you to pursue a career in fashion and how do you stay motivated?

In any cooperation, it is important to maintain open communication and mutual understanding. I am ready to listen to the views and perspectives of team members, as well as to explain my thoughts and beliefs.

In the end, I believe that the main goal of cooperation is to achieve common goals and create quality products or content.

What inspired you to pursue a career in fashion and how do you stay motivated? My inspiration for a career was based on my passion for creativity, aesthetics, and expressive self-expression.

My motivation is my passion for the creative process, which constantly excites my imagination and stimulates new ideas and projects. Also, my motivation is strengthened thanks to the support of my loved ones, who appreciate my work, give me energy, and support my desire to reach new heights.

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