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I've Cut my Hair


Kapture Studio is a creative lab with a passion for storytelling through images. Fashion is the studio’s primary tool for transmitting messages and creating diverse and impactful scenes. Our quest is to create conversations around the images. Kapture´s team consists of enthusiastic photographers and stylists all experts in their own disciplines working and collaborating to reach a common goal. We are all born with a passion for images. We are the new, old kids on the block. Our studio started almost 4 years ago but we have gained tremendous experience in this short time.

Eduardo studied visual arts in college and worked in movie editing and then did his masters in Contemporary Photography in IED Madrid. Alberto is self-taught, developed his first picture at 12 but has had great workshops and mentors on the way. Maria Jose, our in-house stylist and fashion producer has a fashion design and digital marketing background.


Moevir Magazine AGUST Issue 2022 featured edition

[I've Cut my Hair]

Photographer KaptureStudio @studiokapture

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist Daniela Uribe @elauribe

Model Gabriela Castelo @gucayamodelmanagement @gabrielacastelo

Wardrobe Stylist María José Salazar @mariajose_salazarbl

Retoucher Victoria Khubaeva @retouch_niclusha


How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Work?

This will sound a bit crazy, but leaving things to the last minute is a very good motivator. It forces you to think hard and fast. But one has to have a deep commitment to produce great results. Things left to the last minute without that commitment only produces mediocre results. 

However, we rarely leave things to the last minute, we plan, we test, we prepare weeks and days beforehand. But on the day of the shoot something always happens, some one is late, the weather was not expected, a delivery was not made, something happened at the location, things will change big and small so we have to improvise and adapt to the new situation. Sometimes we have to change everything.

What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Role?

Photography as a profession is changing the same way music changed decades ago. With almost all phones having a camera, that makes over 4 billion photographers on our planet right now. Most will photograph for free. To live off photography alone the business model will change drastically. 

New forms of income generation have to created. The traditional channels are being displaced day by day. A new photographer has to find new ways of attracting an audience. Talent and being an artist with technical prowess alone will not cut it anymore. Young talents have to find audiences in unusual spaces. It will no longer be about still or video photography we all have to become visual communicators.

What are the most difficult aspects of professional fashion photography?

The best thing about fashion photography are the magical creations made by playing with the light, the garment textures, the settings and the makeup. To be able to highlight the human figure by expressing ideas and feelings in different contexts all to create a magical and beautiful universe.

Working with new people is rewarding and unforgiving at the same time. Everyone is different and has different likes and dislikes, different principles, different attitudes, different everything. But getting everyone on board to commit to a final result is tremendously rewarding. As a landscape photographer I learned to find beauty in many places but I was alone and had no feedback. In fashion, feedback is immediate, did we get it right or not.

How did you get into fashion photography?

We started very late in our careers but have always viewed fashion photography as our end game. When we opened our studio four years ago we had in mind portraiture and product as our specialties. Our product photography concentrates around the fashion industry and many of the portraits were fashion models looking to compliment their portfolios because they liked our work. 

It was a natural progression. Now almost all of our work is related to the fashion industry. Art is our passion and fashion photography is what makes us get up every day very excited to produce something wonderful.

How would you describe your photographic style?

Eclectic. Our style is developed around the mood of the story. We do not use preset filters or retouch our photos in the same way every time. Each story has to be different from all other previous work. We get our inspiration from many sources. Eduardo likes Martin Parr, Steven Shore, Cindy Sherman, Jimmy Nelson but his favorite is Daido Moriyama. 

Moriyama´s take on photography, the high contrasts and the improvised nature captures of the subjects leaves a great taste of the stories he tells. Maria Jose follows Tim Walker, Patrick Demarchelier and Steven Meisel. Myself, I find inspiration in so many things at once. A piece of this, a piece of that and put them together. 

But I really enjoy Peter Lindberg, Russell James, Rankin, Paolo Roversi, Ellen VonUnwerth and Miles Aldridge. All very different styles all very unique to their art.

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