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Cristina Mateias

Graceful / Charming / Professional

Delicate and charismatic figure Cristina Mateias started working as a model at a young age.

She had the opportunity to travel worldwide for shooting photography for international swimwear brands but the places which remained close to her heart were Dubai, Italy and Monaco. During this period, she participated in beauty pageants, runway shows and photoshoots.

With a strong character and high value ethics she was guided by the principle that states you should never give up and considering that when you try to succeed you never lose you either win or learn. This statement has pushed her to increase her value and hit the next level in all her work.

Cristina made performance gyms for more than ten years and consider discipline in this job is essential.

She graduated with a Bachelor and Master degree in International Economic Studies.

Her passions are horse riding, yachting and Formula 1. Horse riding passion originates from the fact that Cristina is an animal lover and, in this way, she connects with nature.

 Model: Cristina Mateias @miss.chrisstine


Moevir Magazine AGUST Issue 2022 featured edition

[Cristina Mateias]

Model Cristina Mateias @miss.chrisstine

Photographer Dinar Bashirov @dinarbashirov

Stylist Mohammed @amroladiessalon


Tell us something about you. Maybe your life, profession, habit, dream.

I am a fashion and commercial model and have always concentrated on my work since I was young. I love photo-shooting for lingerie and swimwear as well as traveling for fashion shows.

I love to reinvent myself and bring new concepts, align with the future vision because fashion is dynamic.

I am guided by the following principle: in order to be unforgettable, you need to be unique.

As a future plan I want to have my own lingerie line and swimwear brand thus I work with passion for this dream.

How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Work?

I am a hard worker and assume high risks and motivation. I find it always in the final result of the work. This stimulates me and makes me set high standards, so I try to exceed them all the time. 

I want to achieve perfection in all my work even though sometimes it is very challenging because there are many factors that you cannot control.

When I see people that are inspired by my work, I think this keeps me more motivated and stimulated to deliver quality work and to be a better version of myself.

During all this period I received unconditional support from my mother and this helped me to maintain motivation in all my career projects.

What is the most important thing for creating new work?

One of the most significant things in creating new work is to have imagination and to be original.

You need to be dedicated and work beyond the points of success. Fashion is about experimenting new looks and adapting with a new attitude – be versatile.

I think breaking the rules and being different helps a lot in the modeling industry and to have courage to try without knowing if you succeed or what result will be, in one word be open minded.

Describe briefly about your experience?

I participated in numerous runways shows but I prefer photo shootings for lingerie and swimwear campaigns. With the same passion I collaborate also with haute couture designers.

This year I participated in Miss Europe Continental. It was a great experience and I achieved a great result. I was a top finalist. I consider this competition a great opportunity to meet women with the same interests as me. Now I am glad to be part of a great and vibrant community.

What Kind Of Strategies And Mindsets Are Required For This Role to be a Good model?

Right work ethics and have a set of values from which I do not detach from.

I consider myself spontaneously and I try to push things out of my comfort zone.

Describe your daily routine in your career?

A correct daily routine starts with morning habits and this dictates how happy I can be all day. 

My interest is in wellbeing and as a model I need to be always in the best shape and this can be achieved when I align physical form with the emotions and spirituality.

For the physical part it all starts with nutrition. Eating healthy will be reflected in your mood and tonus and this boosts your energy.

I try to exercise daily (daily training) with some routine exercises or more intensive training.

I allocate time for skincare and haircare. Having a luminous and hydrated face helps to increase self-confidence. The secret is to keep as hydrated as possible both inside and outside. For skin I go with professional treatments and the one that I appreciate most is hydrafacial. For hair I apply treatments mostly at hair salons.

For emotion and spirituality, I pray and consider that putting God first in everything helps reach all your goals in life.

Where does your inspiration come from?

In this job I consider the most sought characteristic to be authentic. People see you as a model and try to inspire you from your style and your life principles.

My first source of inspiration is art. I find inspiration in the great artists' work - this stimulates my creativity.

I appreciate the works of art of Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh.

My inspiration also comes from nature and from what God created.  In nature beauty is everywhere and this kind of inspiration gives me positive energy.

 I like to be original and have a personal touch in all the work that I do.

To be a source of inspiration for others helps to push up my limit and brings all my work to another level.

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