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Black Dream


Moevir Magazine February Issue 2021 featured edition

[Black Dream]

Photographer: Reiner Wolpers @emotion_art_photographer

Male Model: Jean Rene Wiedemann @jean_rene_wiedemann

Female Model: Carolin Haase @mrs_haase_


Tell us something about you. Maybe your life, profession, habit, dream.

A 49 year old fashion photographer from Germany, Augsburg, born in Hanover. Photography has always been his passion and so one day he turned his passion into a part time job. It has always been important to him to take unique photos. He has made it into several fashion and beauty magazines with his photos. His work can be seen at

What makes you choose this profession? 

For me photography doesn't just mean pushing a button, it means capturing feelings and moments. I enjoy trying out new things.

Could you share how you expand your vision of art, fashion?

I love to capture the special moments in life. It quickly became clear to me what appeal it was to photograph people. For me photography is a feeling of happiness, maybe even a calling that I steered into professional paths early on.

Is art, fashion important in your life? Why? 

Art and fashion are very important to me. It's a way of expressing yourself and escaping the present

What do you think about your work? 

Is it what you like, or simply saying a dream?For me, photography doesn't just mean pushing a button, it means capturing feelings and moments.

What will be the suggestions to new photographers? 

Hold on to your dreams and try as much as possible

What is your favorite camera? Why? 

I have been working with the Canon EOS-1D X for years, and I can always rely on my camera and that is very important to me as a photographer. Canon deliver great images with beautiful colors, excellent lighting and a wide range of lenses.

How do you prepare your new shoot? 

I think about what I would like to photograph and work closely with the designers. We create a mood board, then select the model, visa and location.

Where does your inspiration come from? 

I get inspiration from different photographers and artists. I like the work of Lyonel Stief, Felix Rachor, Harald Heinrich to name a few. I let designers inspire me to stage your new creations.

What are the most difficulties during your shoots? 

Capturing moments that you may not even be aware of in the situation, but then notice when looking at the pictures what truth lies in a facial expression or a smile.

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